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Brunei Prince’s Wedding

Brunei Celebrates Marriage Of Crowned Prince With Spectacular Ceremony Straight Out Of Arabian Nights The Crown Prince of the tiny oil-rich Sultanate of Brunei has married his 17-year old bride in what is being called Asia’s wedding of the year. The glittering traditional Malay ceremony was attended by royalty and politicians from around the world. […]

Uju Ifejika

Uju Ifejika: Africa’s Symbol of Womanhood & Global Excellence. As the 21st century surges on, more African women are finding their feet, with many succeeding in grounds which had hitherto been declared a no near while some have even dared the now historic impossibility by proceeding to break new grounds and set new records. In […]

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren: The Quintessiential Global Consumer Advocate Born in Oklahoma City in 1949, Elizabeth Warren is a fearless consumer advocate who has made her life’s work to fight for middle class families. “America’s middle class is getting hammered, and Washington is rigged to work for the big guy”, echoes the typical Warren whose struggles and […]



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