Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams – Motivational Speaker, Model, Consultant, Performer

“Our limitations are not a burden, but instead a gift, for beyond our limitations is fulfillment and purpose.”  – Jennifer Adams, Former Ms. Wheelchair America 2014

Jennifer Adams was born with partial limbs, yet she does not consider her struggles a burden, but instead a gift, for she has had the privilege to learn that beyond our limitations is fulfillment and life’s purpose. Jennifer is a radiant, high energy spokes-woman who enjoys, public speaking, performing and adaptive sports.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University, a certification in Radio Broadcasting, and a Master’s degree in counseling from Faith Seminary.  She has worked in the fields of Telecommunications, Radio Broadcasting, Public Speaking and Education. She is a published author of two books that promote the message of positive change and inclusion.

Through her education, life experience and professional experience, Jennifer started a motivational speaking business, SHIFT, that provides a positive message of acceptance and diversity that changes lives and shifts peoples mindsets to see the possibilities beyond their limitations.

Jennifer was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2013 and went on to compete in the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant and won the title of Ms Wheelchair America 2014 with her platform “Inclusion Revolution!”  During her reign she shared the message of her platform in schools, business and conferences all over the nation. She also collaborated with legislators, parent support groups, diversity councils and social awareness committees in order to create vision and inspiration around their collective objectives.

Following her reign Jennifer moved from her home State Washington to Miami Florida to grow her life, business and mission. She has continued building her speaking business through the four inclusion workshops that she personally developed and implemented  in school, universities, committees, councils and corporations. She continues her advocacy outreach through individual consultations with extra-abled people to support them in achieving dream opportunities.

In the summer of 2015 Jennifer Founded her non-profit organization Making Dreams Come True. She has experienced the struggle of limited resources when navigating life with an extra-ability. Yet she has also experienced the true elation that she felt when people stepped in to provide resources for her dreams. The generosity of others opened the door to new adventures that she had dreamed and now lives as a reality. Through these experiences Jennifer was inspired to start an organization that would provide adventure and life resources for people with Extra-abilities around the world, so they too can connect with their ability to live unlimited.

Jennifer’s passion is to encourage people with extra-abilities to take their gifts and talents out into the world and break down barriers of discrimination. “When we (people with extra-abilities) show the world our talents and strengths, disabilities dissolve and abilities shine forth.”

Her business objective is “To spread the message of inclusion and awareness to businesses and schools demonstrate to everyone the value of people with extra-abilities!”

What is Extra-Ability?
A person who has adapted to overcome physical, mental or circumstantial limitations and therefore forged strength and greater abilities within themselves.

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