Africa For Ebola Orphans

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner

Bright Light Projects (a 501C3 non profit organization) held a fundraiser event as part of AFRICA FOR EBOLA ORPHANS project in Houston Texas on April 14, 2017.  Founded in 2012, Bright Light Projects mission is music as a tool to advocate and implement viable, sustainable community-based projects through affiliated Common Initiative Groups CIGs & NGOs in Sub –Sahara Africa. Their Motto is: Hope – Tolerance – Dignity.

AFRICA FOR EBOLA ORPHANS project is a four nation initiative from Cameroon to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, to help with sustainable solutions to some of the 20,000 kids orphaned by the deadly Ebola virus. The project is a two phase deliverable:  Phase I: Recording a theme song and video in each country with Africa for Ebola Orphans album (Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia).  Phase II: Fundraiser in Houston on 14th April 2017, musical concerts in Sierra Leone on 22nd April 2017, Guinea on 29th April 2017, to raise funds to benefit specific NGOs working directly with the orphans based on a strict BLP model.

Guests enjoyed an evening of dinner, music, poetry, presentations while advocating for the plight of Ebola Orphans at the Crown Plaza hotel. Artists included singer Gabby North, poet Mariam Moore, poet and inspirational speaker Kijana Wiseman-Fusilier, DJ Montana, etc. Vendors / sponsors included Park Lane Jewelry, Gingartum, GPRI, among others.  The event co-hosts (moderators) were Samlina Cawray (President, Global Poverty Reduction Initiative (GPRI)) and Kimma Wreh (Excel Magazine / KDE Disability Africa Foundation / TeKay Designs).

The Keynote Speaker, Hon. Jolanda Jones, delivered a powerful speech advocating for the plight of underpriviledged children in 3rd world countries and communities. Hon. Jolanda Jones rose from a childhood of poverty and tragedy to membership in numerous Halls of Fame. She is a CNN Hero, a 4-time national track and field champion, a basketball All-American, a Rhodes Scholar nominee, a successful business woman, author and an unapologetic human rights activist, a Houston City Council member and school board Trustee.

Dr. Stephen Williams (Director of the Houston Department of Health and Human Services) attended the event on behalf of Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner. Dr. Williams presented Mr. Franco Bongham (Director of Bright Lights Project) and partner with a Proclamation from the City Houston noting April 14, 2017 as “Bright Lights Project” day.

Bright Light Projects found its birth in 2012 from a musical project written and directed by Jerry Cleo Tamfor aka DJ Skeeper who is now Artistic Director of the organization.  Jerry wrote this piece called Bright Light Project and brought this forward to Mr. Franco Bonghan, a music executive and CEO of Franco Records LLC, a Houston based record label with a mission of promoting, marketing and developing young and upcoming talent. Upon successful completion of this project with voices from about 16 countries, the project was dubbed “Houston Against Violence Campaign” which was later endorsed by the former Mayor of Houston, Annisse Parker.  This was followed by greater advocacy in championing like minded causes and thus the birth of Bright Light Projects with headquarters in Houston and satellite offices in Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

Bright Light Projects
9950 Westpark Dr, Suite 124, Houston TX 77063

Press Coverage by Excel Magazine International

Video Interview with Hon. Jolanda Jones at Africa For Ebola Orphans Fundraiser Dinner in Houston TX. Video by Fashion Where It’s At produced by Excel TV. Videographer: Christina Brown.

View pictures of the event below. Photographer: Christina Brown
Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Left to Right: Mariam Moore, Kimma Wreh, Hon. Jolanda Jones (back), Samlina Cawray (GPRI) in front, Kijana Wiseman-Fusilier, and Mariam Moore’s Sister.

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Left to Right: Kimma Wreh, Mariam Moore, Samlina Cawray (GPRI), Franco Bonghan (Bright Light Projects & Franco Records)

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Keynote Speaker, Hon. Jolanda Jones

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Left to Right: Kimma Wreh (KDE Disability Africa Foundation / Excel Global Media Group / TeKay Designs)
with Dr. Stephen Williams (Director of the Houston Department of Health and Human Services)

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Keynote Speaker, Hon. Jolanda Jones with poet Kijana Wiseman

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Left to Right: Kimma Wreh and model / co-host Vannessa wearing TeKay Designs

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
Alethia Mcdaniel Diggs – Park Lane Jewelry and team

Africa For Ebola Orphans Dinner
DJ Montana

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