Oba of Ogbaland

Oba of Ogbaland

A celebration of African Monarchy

Oba Nnam Obi II: An Incorrigible Beacon of Leadership

His Eminence, Chukwumela Nnam Obi II is the Oba of Ogbaland, an internationally recognized traditional stool patterned after the legendary Benin Monarchy.

The Ogba kingdom is the country home of the unique and industrious Ogba people of the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (Onelga) of Rivers State.

Oba Chukwumela ascended the throne shortly after the Nigerian civil war on December 19th 1970.He was faced with the Herculean task of rebuilding, reconstructing and recovery from the ruins and ravages of war.

Undaunted by this enormous responsibility, this legend whose heroism and accomplishments in the political and socio-cultural transformation of Ogba kingdom have made him an impeccable figure at a record age of twenty eight (28), when he was crowned Oba (Eze Ogba).

Oba of Ogbaland

Immediately after his coronation after the peaceful demise of his uncle Oba Silk who reigned only for one decade and one year, Oba Chukwumela demonstrated astute sagacity, courage and religiosity on the throne.

He left no one in doubt as to why he has become the flag bearer and ambassador plenipotentiary of Ogba race; when he drew up a very meticulous and prudent strategy in ensuring that each family in Ogbaland was adequately compensated during the Federal government rehabilitation program after the civil war.

Oba Chukwumela refrained from instituting the yoke of a taskmaster on Ogba people. Without taxes and without levies, Oba Chukwumela was oppressed by the vagaries of survival; compelled to build bricks without straw; fight wars without weapons and run the race of life without legs.

Perhaps the workings of fate now explain why his mother died when he was barely two years and his father when he was ten. So tender, he was subjected to a life of adversity, compelled to eke out his livelihood at a plantation village, where nature taught him the lessons of doggedness and undauntedness, persistence and resilience, ingenuity and creativity. Indeed, he was being groomed by the fate of great sufferings, a requisite in overcoming the many odds that dot the path of effective leadership and the righteous path of self actualization.

The contemporary performances of Oba Chukwumela as a strategic reformer cannot be wrapped up in a myth with which ordinary people are deceived nor can it be a latter-day reconstruction either to prove that the figure was or has been, a personage without blemish, destined, even before birth to play the role he has played or will eventually play in history.

Oba Chukwumela is a living legend whose accomplishments can never be inundated or can his fame be disparaged. Critical of his reforms manifests in the demystification of Ogba culture from outlandish and anti-developmental practices, idiosyncrasies and preconceived ethos that are no longer relevant, but are rather cogs in the wheel of advancing his kingdom.

To this end, he established structures of leadership control mechanisms aimed at providing a responsive and integrated information system that will dovetail into order, security, peace, wealth and the transformation of Ogba kingdom into an egalitarian contraption free from poverty and wants, sufferings and pains, bitterness and hate, crime and war.

Oba of Ogbaland

Oba Chukwumela’s record achievements are both towering and overwhelming that he has become an outstanding historical figure, who by virtue of his great works, stand out immediately as a hero.

Less than two years after he ascended the throne, Oba Chukwumela became the Chairman, Rivers State Conference of Traditional Rulers & Chiefs. Between 1972-1979, he worked acidulously to place this traditional institute on the path of national reckoning and dignified its status to the envy of their colleagues in other parts of the country.

In acknowledgement that his superlative administrative and managerial acumen is a national asset, Oba Chukwumela was nominated as member, international committee on Chieftaincy & Royalty for ‘FESTAC 77’. It is on record that his contributions and other efficient minds in that committee made the festival the huge success it recorded.

In appreciation, the Federal government appointed him as the First Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of governing council, Federal University of technology (FUTO), Owerri Imo State, in 1980 and again as Officer of the Niger (OON), in 1981. Due to his pious Episcopal spirituality, Oba Chukwumela was elevated to the rank of Knight Grand Commander of the Mystical Order of St. Peter (Kt. G.C Mop) in 1982.

In 1985, this colossus became an exponent in the pioneering efforts to establish the Eastern State of Nigerian council of Traditional/Paramount Rulers.
In recognition of his uncommon vastness, readiness of apprehension and discriminating intelligence, the City University of Los Angeles California, awarded him Doctor of Letters (D.Litt), in 1990.He was appointed Chancellor, Federal University of technology (FUTA), Akure Ondo State, in 1992.

In 1994, Oba Chukwumela received an avalanche of Doctorial degrees. First was from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri Imo State, where he bagged Doctor of Technology (D. Tech).Second in the cue was from the Federal University of Technology, Akure Ondo State, where he bagged Doctor of Science (D.sc).That same year, Oba Chukwumela was investitured with the Fellow Institute of Business Administrators and Managers of Nigeria (FIBMAN).

Oba of Ogbaland

He has served as Chairman, Alga Council of Traditional Rulers and at various times, also served both as Chairman Onelga Council of Chiefs and Police Community Relations Committee Omoku. Irrespective of his impossible schedule, Oba Chukwumela has auspiciously managed Cunim Nigeria Limited as its Chairman/Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Oba Chukwumela bagged extraordinary distinctions for concisely articulating the positions of Ogba people at the National Reform Conference spearheaded by the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

At the conference, he exhibited the force of a moving locomotive, by presenting volumes of superior arguments, decent logic and impeccable reasoning.

As at the last count, Oba Chukwumela is the patron and grand patron of over 100 organizations, both local and international. It is worthy of note that in the process of amassing these bundles of laurels; Oba Chukwumela has extended the frontiers of Ogba kingdom in Nigeria, Africa and spread world over.

Oba of Ogbaland

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