Ugoeze Obichukwu

Ugoeze Obichukwu and husband


Ugoeze Chinyere Edith Obichukwu is a woman of excellence, leadership and substance. She is a proper blend of an active community builder, a committed employee and a prosperous business woman. Due to her commitment to the course of societial development she was crowned as UGOEZE by the Greater Owerri Community; a title she has held for twenty years now. A direct translation of this title sums up the character of this great woman. While ‘Ugo’ means ‘Eagle’, ‘Eze’ means ‘King’; thus she was crowned ‘The King of Eagles’. Ugoeze Obichukwu is nothing short of this description as she is not only an eagle but the king of other eagles. Little wonder she maintains a high level of excellence in her dealings, martially, socially and business wise.

Ugoeze Obichukwu
Ugoeze Obichukwu


It is one thing to be a woman. It is yet another thing to be a woman of excellence and substance. Her Royal Highness, Ugoeze Obichuku is not just a woman but a woman of excellence, substance and virtue. Born in Port Harcourt Nigeria to the family of Nze Melford and Lolo Millicent Nwafor of Alaenyi, Ogwa, she rose to shine as star in her generation; a force to reckon with, an admiration for many and a business woman to deal with. She is married with five (5) children.

Ugoeze Obichukwu Event Decor
Event Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu


Educational Strides
HRH Ugoeze received her primary education in Nigeria before moving to the United States of America; where she received her B.S.C. and M.A. degrees in Nutrition from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. She stands as one of the women who prove right the assertion that ‘IF YOU educate a woman, you educate a nation”; as her education has built her up to become a caterer, an event planner, a teacher, and a counselor; careers she is excelling in.

The traits of leadership of HRH did not just start when she became a business owner. Her leadership ability started quite early; far back to her secondary school days. In 1972, she was the Senior Perfect of O.G.S.S. Mbaitoli, Owerri for the 1972/1973 academic session as well as the Home Economics Department (Food & Nutrition) perfect. In June 1986, she was the Employee of the Month at Women’s Hospital of Texas/Del Oro Hospital’s Employee of the Month, where she worked. She later became the Matron of Greater Owerri Community. In 1998, due to her dedication to the course of the Greater Owerri Community she was crowned UGOEZE (Queen) in 1998.

Ugoeze Obichukwu
Ugoeze Obichukwu and Her Husband (HRH) Eze Obichuku


Community Services
Ugoeze is not only a community oriented woman literally, in fact she is very involved in community affairs as well. She belongs to many associations in Houston, Texas and has helped a lot of them succeed in many ways. Throughout the years, she has received many accolades through work and in various organizations. Some have honoured her as their matron. She is not only respected and well-loved in women’s groups but in the men’s as well.
In 1987, The Greater Owerri Club made her their first matron. Other organizations soon followed appreciating her services. The most honorable mention came in 1998 when she was crowned “Ugoeze” with her husband Chukuemeka Obichuku. In 2005, she was honored by Ogwa Federated Association because of her outstanding services. She was also given the title “Nne Oha Ogwa” and the “International Woman of The Year” in 2009.

(HRH) Eze and Ugoeze Obichuku at Umuada Igbo USA - Houston Branch - Induction
(HRH) Eze and Ugoeze Obichuku at Umuada Igbo USA – Houston Branch – Induction


Career and Business
HRH is a blended mix of a career woman as well as elegant business tycoon with a commendable work ethics. She works for Fort Bend Independent School District currently; teaching life skills and has been with for them to school for almost 25 years. Prior to her teaching career she worked at The Women’s Hospital of Texas for over a decade.

Not only is HRH a teacher and a reputable event planner, HRH triples as a marriage counselor. Over the years, using her experience in her fulfilled marital life, she has dished out pieces of advices and counselling words to newlywed couples on how to be a respectful and supportive spouse without letting that prevent you from taking care of your family and yourself; also to married men and women who call her up from time to time for advice and counselling.

Event Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu
Event Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu


In addition to her career, HRH also thrives in the business sector likewise. She is an active business woman in events planning. Her scope encompasses internal and external décor as well as baking service: her perfect cake designing sense adds color to the events she plans. Her expertise sets her aside as one of the household names in Houston’s Event Planning and Management. She has a strong sense and show for creativity and ingenuity in the performance of her work.

Ugoeze Obichukwu
Event decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu


Philanthropic Nature

Ugoeze is respected for her philanthropic nature. Despite her busy schedule, she finds out time to make donate to churches, schools and communities in her homeland. When the Owerri Women Association went on medical mission to Nigeria, she influenced them to go to Ogwa and helped sponsor them as their nutritionist.

Awards and Achievements
She has bagged numerous awards as a result of her reputable character and contribution to society. Among these awards are: T.W.E.F. Business Woman Award for OBI International 2011, Mayor’s Office Recognition of Ugo Eze Obichuku’s 50th Birthday 2005, Mbaise Family Association Award in Houston, TX- Hall of Fame 2014, Congressional Certificate of Recognition from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee 2005, Certificate of Appreciation from Equal Rights for Persons with Disability International for services to living with polio in the 21st century 2010, Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Lifetime Achievement Award 2010, Texas Women Empowerment Forum-International Award Power Couple, University of Houston an award showcasing culture through story 1995.

More feather on her cap are: AAUW Greater Houston Interbranch Award-International Women of The Year 2009, ORODO Progressive Union Award- 25 Year Wedding Anniversary 1993, Mbieri Development Association INC. Award-25Years Wedding Anniversary 1993, Ogwa Progressive Association-Outstanding Service Award 1998, The AKOLUJO of IGBARA ONDO STATE, NIGERIA Award 1998, G.O.C. Award for Outstanding Dedication Services & Support -25 Year Wedding Anniversary.

Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu
Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu


More so, she received A Deserving Mom’s Award 2010, Igbo People’s Congress Award for Supportive Wife 2012, Nigerian Foundation Award, Lake Olympia Middle School Principal’s Award (For making a difference in the workplace) 2004, Jack & Jill of America Community Award 1989, Outstanding Service Award for African Chamber of Commerce Hosting 20 African Ambassadors 1988, Saint Matthews African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Uru-Ogwa (Distinguished Christian Mother Award) 2005, Nne OHA of Ogwa with Ogwa Federated for good Citizens Award 2005, Owerri Women Association Award for Founding Members 2005, Oganiru Women Social Club Award 2001, Gamma Phi Delta Award 1989, Community Service Award of Ogwa Progressive Association 1994, Vice President-Owerri Women Association Award 1992

Interest and Hobbies
Ugoeze Obichukwu enjoys cooking, entertaining, dancing with her husband, cake decorating, arts, baking, traveling, interior designing, gardening, watching CNN, having fun with her family, worshiping God, and getting involved with the community.

Some may wonder, what is the secret to Ugoeze’s success? The answer is simple, her love for the almighty, her humble nature and love of her family. With 5 children who are all college graduates and 46 years of marriage, what more can anyone ask for.

Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu
Decor by Ugoeze Obichukwu


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