We Are All Gardeners

By Dr Emeka Onyedika (Dr. O)

We are all gardeners. Even if you’ve never planted a seed in the ground, you have been gardening for essentially your entire life. You are gardening right now and every moment you are awake. The garden I’m referring to is your mind. You see, just like the Earth our minds provide a fertile environment for growth. The growth is our lives and the world we see and experience. The seeds for this growth are our words, thoughts and experiences. The Earth does not discriminate against any seed you may plant. Whether it’s an apple seed or opium seed, if the seed is nurtured and cultivated it will grow. Our minds are no different. If you think positive or negative thoughts, say empowering or dis-empowering things or spend time around successful or lazy people, whatever you “cultivate” through repetition WILL grow. This is an actual law of nature and can not be altered. If you plant a seed for an oak tree and take care of it, roses will not grow – only an oak tree.

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So, if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, saying dis-empowering things about yourself and spending time around people who are doing similar things it should be no surprise that you will live a life of negatively and have a negative and dis-empowering view of yourself. The world we see literally and figuratively is our brain’s interpretation based on the information it receives from our senses and our thoughts. This is not a theory or my opinion, it is actually the way it is understood that the brain operates. So if you provide it with new input (experiences, media, thoughts), you will change the way the world looks to you and how you experience it.

Take some time to look at your own life. Are you happy with it? Are there at least some aspects of it you would like to change? If so, take a look at the seeds you are “cultivating”. Will they grow the life you want or would like to be living? If not, what type of seeds do you need to start planting? Do you need to change how you talk to yourself? What you think about? Who you spend time with? Knowledge of this has completely transformed my life and it’s trajectory. It will do the same for you! For example, I stopped watching TV regularly. Instead I have started watching videos online and listening to podcasts and audio books by motivational speakers, successful entrepreneurs, business owners and world leaders. Instead of worrying about getting through the day or stressing over things I need to do or may have to do, I now constantly think about what I can do to create a world that promotes positivity, growth and success for everyone. I firmly believe you too will have a similar experience.

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This knowledge is especially crucial for parents and all those in constant contact with young children (before the age of 8). For adolescents and older individuals, the frontal lobe of the brain and conscious mind is present to act as a filter for what we experience. It allows us to dismiss things we hear or see based on our learned worldview and personal beliefs. The frontal lobe is not well developed or not developed at all in young children – depending on how old they are. Therefore, any and everything they hear and see is internalized and “planted” in their minds, especially the subconscious. The frontal lobe is also in charge of the cultivation of the mind. So young children do not have much control over what is cultivated in their garden. That is regulated by their environment, what they see and who they spend time with. So be very mindful of what you expose young children around you to. This includes what you say to them and how you interact with them. If you think about it, most if not all of our personalities and views are based on things that were said to us or experiences we had as young children (This is absolutely true with me).

I trust this has at least begun to open your eyes to other ways to view yourself and your world. My intention is to inform you and inspire you to take control of your life and begin taking the actions to cultivate and grow the life you want. This in my opinion is the path to true and long lasting health and wellness for all. It simply takes planting the right seeds and nurturing them (saying empowering words about yourself, not watching the news and spending time with people who support and empower you). Then when you view and review your harvest (your life) you will be joyful, inspired, excited and hopeful rather than frustrated, confused or disillusioned. I encourage you to start the practice today.

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About the Author

Dr. Emeka Onyedika (Dr .O) is a Nigerian-American medical doctor in the United States and founder of Cratix Life, a health and wellness coaching and consulting company dedicated to empowering individuals and transforming healthcare and medical practices globally through mindfulness, meditation and holistic practices such as proper nutrition, sleep and exercise. Dr. Onyedika’s ultimate goal is to end ALL chronic diseases worldwide. Contact him at cratixhealth@gmail.com, Facebook (Emeka Onyedika and Cratix Life) and Twitter (@cratixlife).

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